Anvil Hits 1.0

Riot's original web development app hit 1.0 today - and alongside a visual refresh, we're happy to announce some pretty neat and seamless integration with our other app, Hammer!

Hammer integration

Anvil now integrates directly with Hammer, which means all your Hammer projects will now show up in Anvil. Even better, it's completely automatic. You'll be able to access your Hammer builds by browsing to the project name at

While Hammer builds are still accessible the way they've always been (via file:// URLs) you'll now also be able to access them from a well-formed url. If you're using services like Typekit you can add * (or just *.dev) to your kit settings to get web fonts working perfectly.

Visual Refresh

Hitting 1.0 means Anvil deserves a fresh lick of paint. The UI and icon have been refined slightly. We've also added the ability to easily launch Anvil at login.

We're super happy that Hammer and Anvil are now even better friends, and we hope our users will appreciate the tight integration between the two. They're a pretty great combination! Anvil 1.0 is available as a free download - grab your copy today!

Riot <3