Anvil is a beautiful menubar app for managing local websites

Serve up static sites and Rack apps with simple URLs and zero configuration.

Anvil takes your site and serves it up locally with a .dev URL

No need to change system level configuration files or hack around in the Terminal, Anvil just does the right thing.

  1. Choose the root folder for your site. Anvil works with any static HTML content or anything using Rack such as Ruby on Rails.
  2. Anvil will give you a .dev domain name that will work locally in any browser. If your site is a Rack app it can also be restarted.
  3. With built-in support for this domain can also be accessed from any device connected to your local network.
  4. Anvil 1.0 features Hammer integration! Anvil will automatically serve your Hammer builds with a url.

Built on services created and maintained by 37signals

  • Zero-config through Pow Anvil uses because it's a highly opinionated, powerful and streamlined way to serve up local sites.
  • Wildcard DNS using New With support Anvil can make your local URL available on any devices connected on your network.